Shandra Woworuntu: My life as a sex-trafficking victim Published 29 March image copyrightLynn Savarese Shandra Woworuntu arrived in the US hoping to start a new career in the hotel industry. Instead, she found she had been trafficked into a world of prostitution and sexual slavery, forced drug-taking and violence. It was months before she was able to turn the tables on her persecutors. Some readers may find her of the ordeal upsetting. I arrived in the United States in the first week of June, To me, America was a place of promise and opportunity.

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Why do women become sex workers, and why do men go to them?

I arrived at JFK with four other women and a man, and we were divided into two groups. Jobs Fjck Volunteering. I'm happy to say that since then the law has been changed and overseas recruitment agencies have to register with the Department of Labour before they can operate. Find out more image copyrightLes Menocal Listen to Shandra Woworuntu speaking to Outlook on the BBC World Service To celebrate Outlook's 50th birthday the team have brought together the stories of some of the most inspirational people they have interviewed - and they want you to suggest a person who's inspired you.

They helped me to stay in the United States legally, provided me with shelter and connected me with resources to get a job.

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The smell of whisky makes me retch and if I hear certain ringtones - the ones my traffickers had - my body stiffens with fear. Instead, she found she had been trafficked into a world of prostitution and sexual slavery, forced drug-taking and violence. And in cities, people turn a blind eye to all sorts of criminality. But by this time, because of the gun, there was no escape.

It was just like a scene from a movie, except instead of watching it on TV I was looking out of the window of a parked car. He looked after us, bought us food and jkbs and so on.

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Pleasur turned out he was just another trafficker, and he, the bottom bitch, and everybody else were all working together. But the quiet times were also when the traffickers themselves would rape us. The traffickers only fed me plain rice soup with a few pickles, and I was often high on drugs. I am so glad for you, that you have made a life for yourself.

He met us and checked us into a hotel, and told us to wait there until he could find us jobs.

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The gun, the knife and the baseball bat were fixtures in a shifting and unstable world. It's kind of funny, to look back on that moment. The cure Fudk work unless pleasre soldier didn't urinate for up to five hours Social in the U.S. He didn't believe me and turned me away. In Indonesia, the traffickers came looking for me at my mother's house, and she and my daughter had to go into hiding.

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Young boys and girls are being advertised by massage parlours on the Gold Coast. Despite this vigilance, it was like I was numb, unable to cry. But teenage girls flocked to the bases looking for romance and sex. My little girl is a big girl now - a teenager! We also provide chickens and seed so that the poorest can raise the chickens to sell and eat, tees don't feel they have to sell their children to traffickers.

It's not really punishment, but it teenx them how to identify children in brothels, and women being coerced into sex work.

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I followed the news. Not long afterwards, I went to the bathroom and saw a small window.

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I felt sure I would die before I ever served men. Those men were looking for me for a long time. Related Topics.

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It's been 15 years now, but I still have sleepless nights. Eventually, one of the girls escaped and told a social worker. NSW records zero local coronavirus cases as restrictions on gatherings. Within seconds, the whole team of police had swept up the steps and into the building. At Planned Parenthood, our most valuable assets are the amazing employees and volunteers who provide expert, compassionate care.

So I went to the Indonesian consulate, to seek help getting documents such as a passport, and some support. The room had a window that I found I could open, so I roped the bed sheets and my clothes together and tied them to the window frame, then clambered out.

I started an organisation, Mentari, which helps survivors reintegrate into community, and connects them to the job market. Local boards of health could now detain and examine any person they.

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These brothels were like normal houses on the outside and lodal on the inside, with flashing lights and loud music. We called the we had been given and an Indonesian man answered.

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I remember looking around that shop, wondering if I could somehow slip away, disappear. County would then take the money from the girls, the affidavit continued.

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I asked the senators to introduce legislation to ensure that workers recruited overseas know their rights, are not charged fees, and are told the truth about the salary and living conditions they can expect in the US. I love to sing in Fuvk choir, and I have found raising my children to be very healing. I think men who pay for sex with trafficked women or men should have their names put on a public list, just like they do for child abusers and sexual predators.

some of which may not relate to cost or even sexual locql. Outside the brothel, there were undercover police pretending to be homeless people - I remember one of them pushing a lpcal trolley. Fears that online dating would spell the death of sex work proved exaggerated. If no-one came then we might sleep a little, though never in a bed.