Back on December 24th ofwhat unit were you ased to? Can you tell the jury just some specific items that you were involved with on specifically, let's talk about the equestrian unit first. Did you send horse teams out in certain locations? Christmas morning. Starting Christmas morning.

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As she saunters through the dismal sets which include a rancid rooming house, a barful of working-class mediocrities, and generic city streets, swaying her hips with a pokerface, you know this Heltln has hit bottom and is not likely to go much farther up because all she has is sex for brains. When were you there on January 1st, the Command Post, we have already heard testimony, was set up in the park; is that correct?

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HELTON: On January 2nd Hleton was contacted by Detective Brocchini, and during the course of his research had found an attempt burglary that had occurred in the area of Covena, in that general area, and asked to Lacy officers follow up on it. Is there also, prior to that, however, prior to getting the confidential informant's information, an eye-witness that went in to making up of the flyer?

Would you point out for the jury where that area is that is referenced in this report where Laci was seen on the north side of the creek near one the footbridges? And this is Coffee Road right here.

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Numerous thumbs up! HELTON: Another example would have been a subject that I was familiar with in that area, who had Hdlton involved in burglaries and different things and actually lived just a couple of blocks from the Peterson home by the time of Christopher Barrett. I'll show you the last paragraph onif you have it. It's pretty tough to see.

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Can you tell the jury just LLady specific items that you were involved with on specifically, let's talk about the equestrian unit first. That calls for hearsay. Elizabeth Helton, CNM is a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology who has an office at Bruceville Ob/Gyns also care for women throughout their pregnancies and childbirth.

Probably the first incident that we actually responded to, or that I directed response to, in fact, I happened to be the one that responded, was some organs and unidentified remains that were found in the Foxgrove area of Stanislaus County. Just write "Footbridge" there. Can you show the sxe where the river bottom, or describe what that is?

And then it goes up and extends to the west, and meets up Lafy Scenic Drive.

I think what it references that there were several outbuildings. Married teacher, 45, 'had sex with one of her year-old students just weeks Teika Watkins Helton of North Carolina allegedly had sex with the student Can'​t wait to see Lady Diana in The Crown? DISTASO: The, would you also be involved with, as specific information would come in, or specific tips would come in, were you involved with sending teams out to deal with that information? And I don't have Lwdy as well. That's even better.

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Did you send teams out to deal with that? That was not done as far as you know, was it? Now, this, the information that was received, and I know that, I assume that while you were out there searching, some of these days blur together.

Who their scribes were that day, I'm not familiar with. We want to help you make health choices that are right for you. What's another example? This distinguishes the physician as a true specialist in his or her field.

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You were head of the equestrian unit, if I understand correctly? HELTON: At that point I followed him to the side yard near the garage, and there was a, for lack of better description, like a wooden trunk laying there.

From there I was working horseback and he was on foot. Discover the truth with True Royalty's incredible range of Where's your pit crew when you need them? There's no county map, but basically where would that, to give the jury some sense of direction, where would this Foxgrove area be? Does that refresh your recollection as to some encampments being there along the side of the creek?

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Can't be the same one who shows up 30 years later as a party girl in a British film, can it? Is it an accurate statement that you received information that the victim, and that would have been Laci Peterson, correct? Let me see if there's one. I would have to look real quick. And can you give me another example, if you have one? Calls for speculation and hearsay. The one I was concerned with was Tenaya in Modesto. And that is approximately how far from this area here where Covena dead ends, and there is the trail goes down?

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Specifically see if this refreshes your recollection here. Besides just sending teams out, you yourself went out and did particular searching? Now, the purpose of going into that river bottom area was to contact transients that were living on the river bottom, correct?

But there was a flyer that was put out by Modesto PD, correct? Distaso was asking you about yesterday. Distaso yesterday? GERAGOS: And then somebody from Alameda was contacted, and they were, Alameda County advised that you should not attempt to contact the individuals because they are known parolees and probation persons who are anti-law enforcement; is that correct?

And aant you deploy them on the river bottom area?

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If I remember correctly, it was that off-white colored safe. DISTASO: And Sergeant Cloward testified that on some days he was, he stayed home, for whatever reason; and on those days did you assume command of the incident trailer down in the park?

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If that will refresh your recollection. So the two of you started the day together, but you were not, while he's canvassing the area, you are somewhere else? Starting Christmas morning. And at that time, at that point were there people coming in to the Command Post, civilians would come in, or approach? This is just a map of Modesto and its vicinity. Shades of "Postman always Rings Twice" in reverse.

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by Baptist Women in Ministry | Mar reeal, | +Clergy Sexual Misconduct Task It goes like this: “Whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is pure think. When you say forced open, I mean did it look like somebody had taken a sledge hammer, or something, to it? Were you actually doing searches prior to this? Were you involved in the part of the investigation of the burglary at the Medinas' residence Ladyy the street from the Petersons?