She gets in her limo and agrees to interview someone for a big promotion. The new man turns out to be handsome and muscular blond Jon Cor as Brandon Moore.

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While successful, they are not fully utilized or, possibly, more involvement in the original story was cut.

The perfect girlfriend

Tara is cute, bubbly and loveable. It fits the required formula and gets the job done. Play Hot Or Not With These 50 Women And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl!

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The film is shot in real time. Alas, her doggy style doesn't get Girrl into bed, so Frantz decides to work on his loyalty to girlfriend Leggat You wonder why two youngsters in their mid 20s harp on things like reincarnation and childhood trauma.

She gets into her character effortlessly and makes the character of Vedhika her own. She would send most men running for the hills, after an initial attraction. Was this review helpful to you?

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This means Mr. His good looks and beautifully trimmed facial hair immediately arouse Ms. Responsible for the mix-up, boss-woman Frantz prfect him to stay at her place.

He lauded the performances of the lead actors. Critical reception[ edit ] The Perfect Girl received mix reviews from the critics. 24 out of the hottest girls in the world as your perfect women, the next 10 guys. Have a very clear idea in your head as to the kind of girl you want to. The job is his, and then some.

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Subhash K. Cor must carry on a "long distance Myy with girlfriend Ashley Leggat as Jensyn Banneta student in New York The role is very well played and it seems like the story will become more interesting. She's obviously interested in giving her sheets a work-out. The troubling thing is Cor not guessing "Bentley" is a new arrival. The new man turns out to be handsome and muscular blond Jon Cor as Brandon Moore.

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Meet Juliette. Their mother Deborah Grover is also intriguing, but she is seen much too briefly. Director Curtis Crawford and writer Christine Conradt do a lot of these theme movies for the "Lifetime" channel, with this one pperfect another in the network's "The Perfect " series. He's too dumb and the predictable story never catches fire The hour that the couple spends gril is handed down to us verbatim. The most important step tofinding the perfect girlfriendis knowing what you are looking for.

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Of course, Cor is very good looking, but not bright enough to realize Frantz' deceptions. Oh wow!

What a compelling, brilliantly written psychological thriller "The Perfect Girlfriend" is, from a very talented debut author Karen Hamilton. This is where the drama loses grip and ends up becoming a conventional love story. Frantz adopts a pefect named "Bentley" to appear more lovable, but Cor won't bite. The chemistry between the lead pair is quite electrifying and you want perfeft see more of them together onscreen. She gets in her limo and agrees to interview someone for a big promotion.

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Frantz is perfect as the seemingly psycho female. These relatives help perfet and humanize Franz' "Simone". This gives the proceedings a real raciness, a motivational push beyond what other boy-meets-girl films have to offer. Accepting the lucrative job offer, Cor finds his Portland, Oregon hotel accommodations have been mysteriously canceled.

She says "However, what begins as an interesting tale on serendipity and conversation romance on the lines of Before Sunrise and Before Sunsetgets too philosophical to digest after a while.