Anglo-African New York, N. Rochester, Monroe county : : Weekly Anti-masonic recorder. Cortland, Cortland county : : Weekly Anti-Masonic sentinel. Trumansburg, Tompkins county : : Weekly Anti-Masonic sun. Watertown, Jefferson county : : Weekly Anti-Masonic telegraph. Norwich, Chenango county : : Weekly The Anti-renter.

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Upon the completion of her studies, aroundshe returned to her parents' home in South Columbia, NY.

Collectors have come to recognize the quality and charming nature of her personal style and work without question or dispute. Albany, Albany county : uu : Weekly Anti-slavery lecturer.

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Rawson officiating. She received a great deal of praise in the daintiness of the des, the originality of the work, and the little verses that illustrate her drawings. One wonders if her finances suffered because of the depression She returned once again to Germany to work with the engravers and publishers they used because they had the best printing plants.

New York, New York county : 1uuu-uuuu : Weekly. Clapsaddle has been in poor health for a longtime and had been tenderly cared for by her daughter, Miss Ellen Clapsaddle.

Single ladies in Richfield springs New York

Many German factories suffered total destruction from bombings and all of Clapsaddle's recent original artwork may have been lost along with Yotk investments in those firms because of the destruction of the records and messages going back and forth between the continents that never arrived or were never answered.

about 25 percent higher than the figure in the Oneonta, NY Micro Area:(± / ±25,); about 90 Married couples; Male householder; Female householder; Non-family Single unit; Multi-unit; Mobile home; Boat, RV​, van, etc. The late Ellen Budd expanded on the list with many missing cards and has published them as a reference work see the Bibliography section lacies.

Budd, EH Budd; pp. a time of friendship and peace on earth in one of America's most beautiful communities Ward House Richfield Springs, NY Edwardian Era, Victorian, Woman Painting.

Her name has been famous for decades in her hometown area of Richfield Springs, NY, and in the collecting circles where many collectors have specialized strictly in the collection of just her work and her work alone. Ellen H. Themes[ edit ] Several of the themes in her artwork command high interest given the variety and occasions for their use. Because she became their premier illustrator due to the popularity and successful marketability of her des, the company invited her to move to the city around More documentation is being south for this, At that time, few women were even employed as full-time illustrators.

The deceased was the widow of -the 'late Dean Clapsaddle and was born in the town of Columbia about 65 years ago.

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News of her safe arrival was posted in her hometown lades, the Richfield Springs Mercury, July 29, "People generally will be interested in knowing that the artist, Miss Ellen Clapsaddle, who is a native of this place, has returned from Berlin, where she has spent several years, and has notified her friends of her safe arrival in New York. Cortland, Cortland county : : Weekly Anti-Masonic sentinel. World War I[ edit ] Bythe war broke out.

Clapsaddle spent her next fourteen years not only Nes art lessons, but also creating lades selling illustrationslandscapesand portraits commissioned by local wealthy families, and freelance artwork that she submitted to various publishers through the mail out of an art studio in downtown Richfield Springs.

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Utica, Oneida county : : Monthly Antidote. One day short of her 69th birthday in she died; services were held in her home town; she was buried next ladie her parents on January 12, Interment[ edit ] She died on January 7, She was the sole artist and deer for this company. After that initial purchase of two des, several others followed and they retained her to work along with other artists. Her work is included and appears in any collection of vintage postcard art, or discussions about that art: Richfisld Postcard Book—by Ellen Clapsaddle and others, Applewood Books; 10pp.

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Her parents and teachers highly encouraged her to pursue a career in art. In particular, her "mechanical" cards or anything else with her name on it, or not, are highly sought after by collectors of her work. Female Population 48 % Median and Average Income in Richfield Springs top Photo of 40 East James Street, Richfield Springs, NY The median age of the current population is 39 with people being married and being single. From an early age she loved to draw—she is said to have been a shy and delicate child who displayed artistic ability and was highly encouraged by her parents to develop her skills in art.

Single ladies in Richfield springs New York

Clapsaddle, as well as the uned ones, show illustrations of children in their full innocence and sweet faces while the rest show scenes that are more general. S Census. Some sources suggest that she was employed by the Wolf sprints. Nevertheless, confidence in the boom and high return in profits in this specialized area of commercial art during this boom period, led her and her partners to invest heavily in the years that followed in many Germany engraving and publishing firms.

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A few years ago, the Richland Springs local newspaper announced the display of some of her work locally, especially a calendar. Recent discoveries[ edit ] Her identity and background seem to have remained obscure, but looking into her ancestry has yielded some information.

Single ladies in Richfield springs New York

Art[ edit ] Clapsaddle started by giving art lessons in her home in South Columbia. The original cards have appeared in local and state trade shows for years and many websites have large s available where the varies from to 1, cards are offered surpassing the s available for other artists of similar work.

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Education[ edit ] Clapsaddle attended a one-room school until the 8th grade. Ellen Hattie Clapsaddle was destined to become the most prolific postcard and greeting card artist of her time. Only highly recognized individuals are chosen to attend this college and all attend on scholarship.

Single ladies in Richfield springs New York

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Rochester, Monroe county : : Weekly Anti-masonic recorder. She returned in While in Germany, she refined her art iSngle by working directly and closely with the German engravers who were the actual manufacturers of the products offered for sale. She may have applied and received a scholarship to attend a selective private college for two years, the Cooper Institute known as the Cooper Union Institute for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City.

She placed an ad in a local newspaper to offer private painting lessons and began her career of teaching art out of her home.