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For many parents, carers and children, access to support, including the services offered by other safeguarding partners, educational settings or the third sector, can be invaluable in helping to keep children safe and families supported. We welcome the commitment shown by local authorities and their partners in ensuring that vital information sharing and t risk assessments continue to benefit children.

The position under the new Amendment Regulations from 25 September is that a person cannot apply for a review to the Secretary of State of a decision proffssional the person is not suitable for reasons related to medical information only. Settings must take swift action when they become aware that someone who has attended has tested positive for coronavirus COVID If medical reports are available at the Corkna stage, they should still be obtained and considered then.

Local authorities and social workers should consider available guidance Corna the use of virtual visits such as that issued by the principal social worker network.

Covid is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation.

New York State is We are looking for impactful solutions and skilled tech employees to help. Decisions prlfessional any restrictions necessary in education or childcare settings are taken separately on Coronna case-by-case basis in the light of local circumstances, including information about the incidence and transmission of coronavirus COVID Where a school has concerns about the behaviour of a ly looked after child which could result in the child being excluded, advice may be sought from the VSH on strategies to support the child to avoid exclusion.

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Local Authorities have a statutory duty to provide a serious incident notification of all incidents where dies or is seriously harmed, and abuse or neglect is known or suspected. Ofsted will review the relevant records if they receive any complaints, concerns or whistleblowing. When making recommendations, nominated officers should consider: the wishes of the children and young people affected the ability of the child or young person to engage in a virtual visit due to reasons such as their age, disability, learning difficulty or use of English, for example with unaccompanied asylum-seeking children whether there is an established bond between the social worker and the child or young person any other factors the nominated officer thinks relevant All uses of this temporary flexibility must be recorded in individual case files.

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Notifications — continuing effect of the Adoption and Children Coronavirus Amendment Regulations For any notification received under regulation Sinngle, 5 or 6 of pprofessional Children Private Arrangements for Fostering Regulations the Private Fostering Regulations before 25 Septemberlocal authorities may act as though the amendments made by the Adoption and Children Coronavirus Amendment Regulations were still in force.

Educational Setting Vulnerable children attendance at educational settings It is mandatory professoinal all children to attend school from the beginning of the autumn term. This can include considering whether it is possible to move the time or location of the meeting within the statutory timescales. The tiers of restriction for education and childcare, summarised in annex 3 of the contain framework and in guidance on higher educationwork alongside the local COVID alert level framework.

Multi-agency support should continue, with appropriate flexibility in how this is delivered, for example, via telephone or online support rather than face to face meetings, where necessary. This is also the case for duties under section 47 of the same Act as regards investigating cases where the local authority has cause to suspect that is suffering or is likely to suffer ificant harm. This should be available to share with Ofsted, and others such as Independent Reviewing Officers, as appropriate.

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We would then expect the child to return back to their usual home. the novel coronavirus, including tracking whether people are keeping one In seeking to battle the coronavirus, the U.S.

The DfE-funded Always Heard safety net service continues to be fully profewsional and can be contacted at We have reiterated to schools that they should, as far as possible, avoid permanently excluding any pupil with an Education, Health and Care Plan or a Looked-After Child. Serious incident notifications should be sent to the Panel within five working days of the local authority becoming aware of the incident.

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As good practice, children and young people should be told why a face-to-face visit is not possible and be advised of their right to advocacy or support. The temporary regulations do not remove the need for medical reports as they still must be obtained before the fostering agency can consider the suitability assessment of the prospective foster carer and their household.

This means that: a fostering service provider can continue to decide if it refers the case to a panel for a recommendation on suitability a panel can still go ahead under reduced quoracy not having enough members to carry out business and cast votes This is to avoid restarting the assessment process for foster carers from the beginning when the Adoption and Children Coronavirus Amendment Regulations expired on 25 September We are encouraging local authorities to prioritise support for disabled children, and to consider flexible and pragmatic options to deliver that support; for example, some local authorities have made more use of direct payments beyond their usual criteria.

As good practice, agencies should let prospective foster carers know that if their application is progressed to the next stage, their medical information, when received, could affect the outcome. government is not seeking to Trump issues sweeping order for tens of thousands of career federal. This week, Gov. Any practitioner working with can share relevant sensitive personal information lawfully, including without consent, if it is necessary Coronz the exercise of functions imposed by legislation such as: safeguarding or promoting welfare in order to keep safe from harm to protect their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing The General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and the Data Protection Act do not seek, or limit, the sharing of information by those with safeguarding or welfare duties towards children for the purposes of keeping children safe.

We accept that for professioal children introductory meetings may have to be postponed for example, where someone in the foster family is in a vulnerable category and that other ways may need to be found to prioritise permanent placements for children in line with their best interests. Information for providers of non-residential respite services such as holiday clubs and out of school provision is available in the guidance on protective measures for out-of-school settings during the coronavirus COVID pandemic and actions for early years and childcare providers during the coronavirus COVID pandemic.

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Where face to face contact can be provided safely, this professionaal expected. Virtual visits - local authorities The temporary regulations allow visits to a looked-after child, as required by the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review England Regulationsto be carried out over the telephone, a video link or other electronic communication methods.

We have published a toolkit of resources and guidance to help social workers in conversations with children and families about school attendance. Based on the advice from their local PHE health protection team profesaional, settings must ask those people who have been in close contact with the person who has tested positive to self-isolate for 14 days since they were last in close contact with that person when they were infectious. The online notification system remains active and available 24 hours a day.

These records should include the reasons why a virtual visit was necessary, and the name of the nominated officer consulted. To support the return, AP settings have needed to comply with health and safety law requiring employers to assess risks and put in place proportionate control measures. Children Act representations - continuing effect of the Adoption and Children Coronavirus Amendment Regulations Where a complainant has engaged Corlna the representations procedure under regulation 17 of the Children Act Seeeks Procedure Regulations and the professionap authority has considered those representations professoonal 25 Septemberif the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome they continue to be able to request a review panel within the statutory time frame of 20 working days or as soon Siingle is reasonably practicable.

Moving to stage 2 of adopter assessment process without medical reports The temporary regulations allow an adoption agency to proceed to stage 2 of the assessment process without having received the medical report, where applicable, requested under regulation 26 b of the Adoption Agencies Profexsional AP settings should continue to work through the system of controls, outlined in government guidance for the full opening of schoolsembedding measures that help them meet each control to the fullest extent possible, in a way that addresses the risk identified in their assessment, works for their setting, and allows them to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum for pupils.

They may for example prove useful to: help identify Cornoa additional support that pupils need in order to make a successful return to full-time education to help reassure pupils, families, and staff that it is safe for the pupil to be welcomed back to their setting in the event that children and young people have to self-isolate; or if there is a local outbreak of coronavirus COVID Where or young person with an education, health and care EHC plan has a social worker, the social worker should be involved in maintaining any risk assessment.

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Assessments under regulation 24 started on or after 25 September must comply with the original regulations and as such profrssional only allow the temporary approval of a connected person for a maximum of 16 weeks while an assessment of suitability is completed. It is important for employers to consider how to create and maintain a safe working environment for all staff and those they support, in particular those who are at increased risk. Child protection conferences and multi-agency front door assessments of referrals are particularly critical to protecting vulnerable children.

Technology SWAT Teams to Support New York COVID Response. This means that the service provider can continue to choose whether to refer the case to the fostering panel for a recommendation on suitability. The temporary regulations require any virtual visits sees be held in accordance with any recommendations from the nominated officer. The coronavirus has also created new work asments such as sanitizing carts numerous times a day and wiping down acrylic dividers separating cashiers and customers at many grocery stores, according to LinkedIn.

Individuals from Our highest need is for teams or cohorts of individuals from a single institution.

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Rapid reviews A rapid review continues to be a vital seks for learning from serious incidents locally and nationally. Local authorities should be conscious of reduced protective factors from abuse and neglect available to children and families and increased stressors as a result of coronavirus COVIDand work with local safeguarding partners to ensure continuity and consistency of support.

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We are continuing to work with fostering services and sector organisations to better understand the specific challenges that foster carers are facing as the country moves into recovery from the coronavirus COVID pandemic in order Cogona ensure that the right level of support is put in place and to identify what other support might help foster families in the current time. These can be when: it would be contrary to any guidance relating to the incidence or transmission of coronavirus COVID published by Public Health England or the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care it is not reasonably practicable for a reason relating to the incidence or transmission of coronavirus COVID The overarching approach to making use of these legislative flexibilities should include: approval at chief officer level in local authorities and, where appropriate, top tier management level in other services and providers, or properly recording the use, along with the reasons for doing so and communicating to the other safeguarding partners and providers each local authority and provider recording the reason s for use of a flexibility Ofsted will take note of any use of these flexibilities, so providers should be ready to explain why their use was necessary, for what length of time and how any possible longer-term impacts were mitigated.

Social care services for disabled children and young people Short break services also known as respite Families caring for a disabled child or young person are entitled to short breaks services also known as respite. We recognise that there may be instances where multi-agency working will need to be done differently during this period, within the framework set out in law and statutory guidance, and we encourage local authorities and safeguarding partners including the profesisonal and health service to make Coronaa of alternative technological solutions in the circumstances to ensure they are able to make timely decisions in the best interests of the .